Ethical Treatment for Animal Welfare – Sustainable Tourism in Dubai

Ethical Treatment for Animal Welfare – Sustainable Tourism in Dubai

The Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience is a sustainable tourism company. As EcoTourism is part of our core values, along with showcasing the culture of these fascinating lands and protecting the environment, we also make sure all animals in our care are treated ethically. The welfare of animals in Dubai for tourism purposes is one we are quite passionate about and we are transparent and proud of how well our animals are cared for.

We choose to showcase animals in our experiences for education as they are very important to the Bedouin and how they survived in the desert. As they were so important, animals were revered by the Bedouin and always treated well. This continues today on our experience and we have camels, falcons, saluki dog along with livestock.

Ethically Riding Camels

Unlike elephants and horses, camels do not have to be ‘broken in’ in order to ride them. They are very easily and happily ‘domesticated’, but will only work when they are treated well. If a camel is looked after by its handler it is very happy to conduct camel rides. They are built for traversing the desert and can take very heavy loads easily, although we put only half the weight they can carry.

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Are Falcon Shows Cruel

All falcons used for our shows have been hand reared and were not originally wild birds. They fly to a lure from the beginning to ‘catch’ their prey. The falcons are not aware that their ‘hunt’ is not real and they are spoiled with the optimum exercise and food, quality French quail.

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Arabian Saluki Dog

The saluki breed of dog has always been a trusted companion to the Bedouin. Our saluki dogs love our guests and have a great life at the Beoudin village. All of our dogs are rescue dogs that were mistreated or abandoned previously.

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Bedouin always had livestock with them for dairy and on special occasions, meat. We have a large chicken pen that homes our chicken. As they are happy we get lots of farm fresh eggs for our breakfasts in the experience. The goats are also rescue goats and love to say hi to our guests, thankful they do not have the same fate instore for them that other livestock do!

We look forward to welcoming you on our Bedouin Experiences where you will have the chance to meet and learn about these amazing animals.