Who are the bedouin?

Bedouin comes from the term “Bedu” in Arabic and means
“desert dwellers”. Also known as the nomads of the Arabian desert, Bedouin were the first inhabitants of Dubai. For centuries they traversed the desert with not much more than their families, camels and livestock.

Leaving very little trace as they moved across the desert, nomadic Bedouin are considered as one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly cultures in history. Their rich culture and fascinating traditions are significant to
Dubai’s heritage.

Dubai Bedouin Experience Tour

Morning Bedouin Experience

This morning Bedouin Culture Experience takes you on a cultural journey and historical adventure into the past. Discover what Dubai was like in the 1920’s when nomadic Bedouin wandered the rolling sand dunes of the desert in search of sustenance like food and water.


Learning about other cultures, the natural environment and sustainability is extremely important for children.
Providing them with the opportunity to experience it first-hand is even better!

Plan a customised event

We can host private groups and customised events tailored to suit your vision or offer a packaged experience suitable for companies interested in treating business connections and employees by showcasing Dubai’s beauty and heritage.

Welcome to Dubai

This Dubai Induction Workshop is hosted by local Emiratis and is the perfect welcoming to Dubai. Get a glimpse into the culture and heritage of Dubai and learn about cultural do’s and don’ts in this diverse city.

What Is The Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve?

Spanning 10% of Dubai’s total area is the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve project, the largest unfenced nature reserve in the UAE. Spread across 40 hectares of shrub land and fertile area, the reserve is home to over 204 species of native birds, 158 species of migratory birds, and over 10km of lakes, encompassing the Al Qudra Lakes.

This public reserve is known for its sustainability initiatives and is abundant with native wildlife. It is also home to the region’s largest renewable energy project, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar Park.

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Our mission

To keep the cultural legacy of Bedouin in Dubai alive! We designed an immersive experience which appeals to anyone who wants to experience Dubai by actively and meaningfully engaging with its culture, history, cuisine and natural environment. This is the story of the nomads of the Arabian desert!